Cybersecurity Management

Challenges Symposium 2022

Hosted at Franklin University Switzerland

Speakers 2022

Rubén Fernández

Police Officer and Project Manager

Rubén Fernández is a Police Officer and Project Manager in Valencia Local Police (PLV). He began his career as Law Enforcement Officer in PLV in 2005, and since then he has participated in 7 H2020 projects.

Among them, we can highlight CC-DRIVER and RAYUELA projects, both addressing human and technical factors of cybercrime with a special focus on young cybercriminality, and beAWARE project, which has been declared to be a success story by the European Commission.

He holds a Degree in English Studies, and has completed a wide set of public and private courses and training concerning, among other topics, Safety on Information and Communication Technologies, Social Hacking, Cyberbullying, and transport and documentation.

Rubén Fernández