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Cybersecurity Management

Challenges Symposium 2023

Hosted at Franklin University Switzerland

Speakers 2023

Luca Tenzi

Corporate security and resilience expert

Luca Tenzi is a corporate security and resilience expert with 20 years’ experience in Fortune 100 and 500 companies and International Organisations. He has led security operations and defined strategies in diverse geopolitical environments. His corporate experience spans multiple business sectors including, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, information and communication technologies, financial services institutions, and international organisations such as UN specialized agencies.

A strong advocate of implementing state-of-the-art practices for the convergence of physical security and ICT security, Luca recently lead and concluded a mandate to direct and coordinate the effective implementation of the strategy, evaluating existing risks and organization resilience capabilities from zero-point analysis to develop and implement a sustainable organisation-wide program in a UN agency in Vienna.

Outputs of this two-year project included an agency wide Business Impact Analyse (BIA), identification of Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) and key organizational roles and responsibilities including definition of succession planning. It has delivered setting Agency’ Departments Business Continuity Plans (BCP) for manmade or natural catastrophic scenarios, based on industry best practices and UN ORMS policy, ISO 22316 and ISO 22301 standards and training.

Luca Tenzi
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