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Cybersecurity Management

Challenges Symposium 2022

Hosted at Franklin University Switzerland

Speakers 2022

Carlo Del Bo

International Security Advisor
Volocom Srl

Carlo, Born in November ’64, is a Business Development Director of Volocom.

During his years of study he attended at Criminal Justice College Northeastern University Boston (Massachusetts) with a thesis “Computer Crime” and later during the following years he achieved a Master in SPACE Bocconi University (Security and Protection Against Crime and Emergencies) and then Master Business Intelligence Link Campus University, Rome.

Volocom is an Italian IT company based in Milan and Rome, with more than 20-year experience in the field of Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Media Intelligence and Media Monitoring.

It has now acquired a leading role in the field of News Intelligence.

Volocom staff manages a consistent flow of unstructured data (from the worlds of Press, Web and Social media), for a total of about 4,000,000 documents per day from 200.000 sources.

We work almost exclusively in the B2B sector and we cater to high-end customers (large institutions, large banks, large companies).

We have a collaborative relationship with almost all the major Italian publishers, who provide us with their data flow on a daily basis and use its solutions.

The services offered include:

  • DIGITAL NEWSSTANDThe most used Italian digital newsstand in the B2B sector.From a single point of access you can consult all the articles of Italian newspapers and periodicals and a good selection of foreign ones.The contents are available both in pdf format (images of newspaper/magazine/periodical pages) and in text format (text of the article).

  • THEMATIC INFORMATION PORTALSInformation portals offering an always up-to-date overview of content relating to one or more specific topics of interest to a particular company or institution (press/web newspaper articles, social media posts, radio and TV clips, various multimedia contents).

  • PRESS REVIEW SERVICESAutomatic press review services or with the intervention of qualified operators expert in the selection of contents (press/web newspaper articles, social posts, radio and TV clips, various multimedia contents).

  • NEWS INTELLIGENCE TOOLSA search engine where you can access updated news 24 hours a day. It allows users to access and consult articles from all information sources monitored by Volocom in real time. It is designed as a support to media monitoring operations. The audio and video can be searched through the transcription of their content, speaker recognition and face recognition systems.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS TOOLSTools able to offer a reasoned synthesis - based on artificial intelligence and analysis programs - of what came out on paper and digital media in relation to topics chosen by the user.Through a free query, the user can select a group of contents to analyse, drawing on the entire Volocom information assets. Analyzes of various kinds are therefore proposed, using modern technologies (Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, Trend Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Analysis, Topics Classification, Ranking Algorithms, Forecasting and more).Audio and video contents do not have a primary role yet, but we intend to improve our services in this direction.

  • CONSULTANCY SERVICESVolocom provides its customers with a team of data analysis experts, who take care of using the data flow and analysis technologies to provide consultancy services on specific topics (Brand Analysis, reporting, various types of publishing activities and more still)The company has a communications division (VoloComm) that integrates the results of the performed analyses with disclosure reports and ensures an exchange with the outside world (institutions, publishers, associations, newspapers, the general public).




Volocom has created a portal to help companies create a culture of cyber-security within them.

The Portal is called “CyOwl” (the owl has always been one of the icons of this theme)

CyOwl makes use of the contribution of about 2,000 Italian and foreign web sources.

CyOwl is a tool designed for forward-looking companies that make knowledge and expertise their main lever for business growth and anticipating market needs.

The topics embrace all the different areas of Cyber ​​Security: from constant monitoring of cyber attacks to Data Breaches, from the Deep Web to the major companies involved in cyber defense.

Furthermore, to facilitate the use of these contents, an automatic translation function of the contents from English to Italian is available.

The advantages that make our service unique are:

  • information and updating of resources;

  • training and education of members of the various company areas;

  • promotion of the culture of cybersecurity;

  • coverage of the information needs of the entire corporate population with a single service;

  • optimised, fast and agile access to quality information;

  • covering the needs and interests of several areas thanks to the possibility of choice and customisation of topics;

  • user-friendly, multilingual, multi-device interface and extensive graphic customisation;

  • possibility of integration with internal company systems.

Carlo Del Bo
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