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Cybersecurity Management

Challenges Symposium 2023

Hosted at Franklin University Switzerland

Speakers 2023

Alexandre Vautravers

Editor in Chief, and scientific director, Centre d’Histoire et de Prospective Militaires (CHPM).

From 2015, Alexandre Vautravers has been a senior advisor at the Department of Security (DSES) of the State of Geneva. He has been responsible for drafting the security strategy and setting up the Security Advisory Council (CCS). He is currently responsible for matters relating to police organization, reform and strategy.

Colonel of the General Staff and deputy commander of the 1st Mechanized Brigade, Alexandre Vautravers has been editor-in-chief of the Revue militaire suisse (RMS+) since it celebrated its 150th anniversary of uninterrupted publication in 2006.

A former battalion commander and experienced in peace support operations (PSO), he is also the Scientific Director of the Military History and Prospective Center (CHPM) in Pully. He has also chaired the Geneva Military Society and the Society of Officers of the Armored Troops. He is currently a member of the committee of the Swiss Officers’ Society (SSO).

Alexandre Vautravers created and coordinated the CAS / MAS program in Global Security and Conflict Resolution at the University of Geneva, after having taught at several universities in Accrah, Beijing, London, Oxford and Tehran. He has been teaching International Relations in Geneva since 2006.

Doctor of History as well as in Economic Sciences, his fields of research and publication are international relations and security issues, the evolution of armed conflict, the evolution of technology and the arms industry. He has also published extensively on humanitarian issues.

He has also organized several annual events – notably the International Humanitarian Conference, the Security Forum as well as a more recent Prospective FORUM.

Alexandre Vautravers
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