“Cybersecurity Management Symposium"

26th SEPTEMBER 2018


Hosted at Franklin University Lugano & organized by K.N.C. Consulting Lugano

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Welcome from the organizers

We are pleased to announce the upcoming CMC Cybersecurity Symposium in Lugano Switzerland, which for the third consecutive year will bring together international institutional and business representatives.

Building on our previous successful 2015 & 2016 & 2017 cyber conferences that drew an international list of attendees from governments, academia and industry we are also cementing our role as one of Switzerland’s truly international Cybersecurity symposium’s.

Businesses and governments are acutely aware of the financial, reputational and disruptive effects of global cyber-attacks as they evolve in frequency and severity. Our goal is to assess, mitigate, and block cyberattacks, not only through expert insight on the scope and nature of an always evolving cyber threat, but to have those specialists offer viable solutions for the next generation cyberattacks.

Representatives from leading Swiss and International businesses will represent the private sector, whereas the governmental sector & the international organizations will be represented by past or current specialists.

We thank you in advance for your attention and look forward to receiving your confirmation of participation.
Yours sincerely,
Kim Hildebrant
CEO K.N.C. Consulting and Chairman of the Organising Committee

Dr. Morris Mottale
Professor of International Relations and Comparative Politics
Chairman of the Department of Political Science
Franklin University Switzerland
Academic Coordinator

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Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • mobile security threats
  • insider threats, data breaches & theft
  • political related hacking
  • the hacking of a drone
  • legal and insurance perspectives on cyber security
  • internet of things (IoT & smart cities)
  • the dark & deep web and cyber offensive strategies
  • shortage of skilled cybersecurity experts
  • ransomware and its lucrative development
  • cybersecurity regulations and compliances
  • case studies of successful cyber-attacks

The Symposium Board of CMC

The Symposium Board of CMC is composed as follows: Chair Mr. Kim Hildebrant – CEO KNC Consulting; Prof. Morris Mottale – Chair of International Relations Dept. Franklin University; Mr. Carlo del Bo – Senior Security Adviser; Mr. Jon Becker – Former Head of European Legal Affairs at InterMune and Amgen in Switzerland; Former Head Southern European Legal Department Electronic Data Systems; GC of Clearly Legal; Mr. Vito Todaro – Security Adviser

Franklin University - Switzerland

The symposium will be hosted at Franklin University Switzerland located at Via Ponte Tresa 29, 6924 Sorengo. (www.fus.edu)

Please also do have a look at our brief outline of proposals for sponsorship, in the hope that the company you represent, may also desire to be a partner and main protagonist in this very particular initiative of its kind in Lugano.