Artificial Intelligence (AI), Operational Technology (OT), Digital Transformation and the Challenges of the Future (case study Medical Technical Intelligence); "

30th NOVEMBER 2022


Hosted at Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano

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Welcome from the organizers

The Cybersecurity Management Challenges Organizing Committee and Franklin University Switzerland are pleased to announce the sixth annual symposium taking place on the 30th of November 2022 at Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano.

This year’s symposium will focus on Operational Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the Challenges of Systemic Adaptation.

It will be built on the five previous ground-breaking CMC editions which drew international participants from government, industry and academia. This year’s symposium, as in the past, will gather policy-makers, business executives, and security specialists from government and academic institutions to discuss and formulate responses to the future evolution of cybersecurity, as the threats evolve and expand in a globalized international socio-political system.

Cybersecurity has come a long way in the last decade as it was not an item that seemed of great interest to the larger world but it became so because of cyber war in the relations among friends and enemies in international affairs. Soon after, the digitalization of communications, marketing, and financial transactions all witnessed political and criminal attempts to shape collective perceptions and inevitably manipulate social and political power relations. The Covid-19 pandemic and the exponential use of digitalized communications gave a significant boost to cyber manipulations.

The world of business and economic activities relies heavily on digitalized interactions. The challenge of cybersecurity is central to the interactive development of technology, business, and finance.

This symposium will introduce participants to the most pressing challenges posed in this area and the evermore dynamic and competitive national and international economic systems that are trying to adapt to these trends.

The Symposium Board of CMC

The Symposium Board of CMC is composed as follows: Chair Mr. Kim Hildebrant – President Anchorage Group - Prof. Morris Mottale – Chair of International Relations Dept. Franklin University Switzerland; Mr. Jon Becker – Former Head of European Legal Affairs at InterMune and Amgen in Switzerland; Former Head Southern European Legal Department Electronic Data Systems; GC of Clearly Legal; Mr. Vito Todaro – Security Adviser

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Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • societal development and freedom: legal, constitutional, and political challenges
  • threat assessment and response to international challenges
  • civil rights, human rights, privacy, and security: the case of robotics and artificial intelligence
  • the evolution of evermore complex security technologies
  • the necessity to adopt international standards for cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.
  • the financial sector and cybersecurity: cryptocurrencies and blockchain
Franklin University - Switzerland

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Cybersecurity Symposium

Cybersecurity Management Challenges Symposium 2022

Cybersecurity symposium will be held on 30th NOVEMBER 2022 and will be hosted by Franklin University Switzerland

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