Artificial Intelligence (AI), Operational Technology (OT), Digital Transformation and the Challenges of the Future (case study Medical Technical Intelligence); "

30th NOVEMBER 2022


Hosted at Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano & organized by Anchorage Group

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Welcome from the organizers

We are truly pleased to invite you to the special fifth consecutive edition of Switzerland’s Executive Cybersecurity Management Challenges (CMC) Symposium focusing on the topical issue of human rights. As in previous editions, it will bring together both domestic as well as international cybersecurity and policy experts, who will discuss the details of the ever growing evolution of cybersecurity and the policy challenges posed by them.

For several years now Franklin University Switzerland ( and its Department of International Relations and Political Science have been co-organizing the Executive Cybersecurity Management Challenges (CMC) Symposium together with Anchorage Group (, an international consulting firm based in Lugano.

Human rights must lie at the core of a comprehensive view of cybersecurity as its international implications come to touch and influence national and local communities and their relation to human rights, privacy, and constitutional protections in a liberal democratic society, a topic that has yet to be addressed by specialists on a systematic basis.

Cybersecurity laws and policies have a direct impact on human rights, particularly the right to privacy, freedom of expression, and the free flow of information. However, many of these policies are overly broad and ill-defined, and lack a clear legal and constitutional dimension to enhance democratic accountability.

The Symposium Board of CMC

The Symposium Board of CMC is composed as follows: Chair Mr. Kim Hildebrant – President Anchorage Group - Prof. Morris Mottale – Chair of International Relations Dept. Franklin University Switzerland; Mr. Jon Becker – Former Head of European Legal Affairs at InterMune and Amgen in Switzerland; Former Head Southern European Legal Department Electronic Data Systems; GC of Clearly Legal; Mr. Vito Todaro – Security Adviser

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Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • societal development and freedom: legal, constitutional, and political challenges
  • threat assessment and response to international challenges
  • civil rights, human rights, privacy, and security: the case of robotics and artificial intelligence
  • the evolution of evermore complex security technologies
  • the necessity to adopt international standards for cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.
  • the financial sector and cybersecurity: cryptocurrencies and blockchain
Franklin University - Switzerland

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Sponsors Cybersecurity Symposium 2019

Cybersecurity Symposium


Cybersecurity symposium will be held on 11th Sept. 2019 and will be hosted by Franklin University Switzerland

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Did you know

When connected to the internet

  • You can become a victim of cyber attacks
  • Cyber criminals can gain control of your computer
  • Cyber crime globally is estimated to cost 100 billion dollars annually
  • The most expensive virus in cyber security history is estimated to have caused a financial damage of $38.5 billion
  • There is a real-time map that shows cyber attacks in action  click here to view

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