“Artificial Intelligence Robotics and Security"

26th SEPTEMBER 2018


Hosted at Franklin University Lugano & organized by K.N.C. Consulting Lugano

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Welcome from the organizers

We are pleased to bring to your kind attention the upcoming fourth consecutive edition of the Executive Cybersecurity Management Challenges (CMC) symposium, which has cemented its role as Switzerland’s truly international Cybersecurity symposia. As in the previous editions, but in a completely new format, it will bring together in Lugano both domestic as well as international cyber experts, who will actively keep abreast high-level institutional, business and government representatives of security trends and evolving threats.

With the increasingly extended presence of technology in the daily life of everyone, strongly influenced by the 4.0 revolution, we observe and live with the increasing presence of artificial intelligence, anticipating and facilitating our decision making, but as well influencing our behaviors and personal interactions. Automated vehicles are already available, circulating in our streets within obsolete human driven vehicles. Drones are not any longer part of secret tests in a discrete lab or toys for the younger generations but have even become competitors to the more classical supply chain distribution models. Drones, robots and artificial intelligence are coming to our cities to serve and protect, helping banks to predict market floatation’s, increasing law enforcement agencies in crime prediction, monitoring and interaction with citizen’s.

This symposium will discuss how the 4.0 revolution has penetrated private businesses and how drones and automated robots are affecting supply chains, production and distribution. How government services like law enforcement, hospitals or eGovernment have shaped a new relation with the citizens. What we could expect to see very soon in our cities, what are the actual experiences currently under way not far from us and what will be the first to come to our homes.

While covering the opportunities which those technologies will bring to our daily life, we will also discuss the challenges and risks brought along with those opportunities. Will privacy be impacted by drones? Will AI influence my next vote? Are robots manipulating the markets? Will law enforcement anticipate crimes? Will criminals hide behind fake news? Will government abuse its power? How will the future hospital be?

Experts from diverse business areas along with political leaders and technology gurus will openly discuss their senior leader perspectives and bring their insight to the conversation.

The event, promoted by Anchorage Group in partnership with Franklin University Switzerland (www.fus.edu), is proud to have received the patronage of the City of Lugano, as well as support from numerous partners and sponsors.

The location will be the prestigious “Nielsen Auditorium” at the Lugano-Sorengo Campus of Franklin University Switzerland.
Yours sincerely,
Kim Hildebrant
CEO K.N.C. Consulting and Chairman of the Organising Committee

Dr. Morris Mottale
Professor of International Relations and Comparative Politics
Chairman of the Department of Political Science
Franklin University Switzerland
Academic Coordinator

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Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • crime 4.0
  • threat intelligence, detection and response
  • state sponsored attacks
  • transport and safety
  • cyber insurance perspectives
  • blockchain, cryptofinance and strategies to boost cyber resilience in the financial sector
  • the dark & deep web and cyber offensive strategies
  • shortage of skilled Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s)
  • cyber and Brexit, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Network and Information Security directive (NIS)
  • robotics and artificial intelligence
  • implications for societal development and freedom

The Symposium Board of CMC

The Symposium Board of CMC is composed as follows: Chair Mr. Kim Hildebrant – CEO KNC Consulting; Prof. Morris Mottale – Chair of International Relations Dept. Franklin University; Mr. Carlo del Bo – Senior Security Adviser; Mr. Jon Becker – Former Head of European Legal Affairs at InterMune and Amgen in Switzerland; Former Head Southern European Legal Department Electronic Data Systems; GC of Clearly Legal; Mr. Vito Todaro – Security Adviser

Franklin University - Switzerland

The symposium will be hosted at Franklin University Switzerland located at Via Ponte Tresa 29, 6924 Sorengo. (www.fus.edu)

Please also do have a look at our brief outline of proposals for sponsorship, in the hope that the company you represent, may also desire to be a partner and main protagonist in this very particular initiative of its kind in Lugano.